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Welcome to A.B. Firethorne & Company, makers of fine herbal aromatherapy body care products.  My offerings feature the Magical Childe  Herbal Body Care line, providing gentle aromatherapy for babies, children, mothers and others, as well as the Magical Isle Essential Oil and Luxury Bath & Body Care range.  Our scentsational items are all specially created to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of you and your growing family.

With pleasure, we provide you with ethical, ecological, and responsible choices for skin care products that not only honour your body and spirit throughout the sacred cycle of life, but also encourage awareness of the gifts the natural world has to offer.  Together, may we enjoy living harmoniously, respectfully, and in integrity with our beautiful earth and her resources.  My company cares greatly about our planet, your health and well-being, and the miracles that are your body and your baby.  We want to help make the magic of the plant world be a natural part of those concerns.

All of our effective and beautiful products are handcrafted using the finest select ingredients.  I personally source the best Certified Organic and Wild Harvested herbs, and organic source therapeutic grade essential oils to use in our products wherever possible.  My company is extremely conscientious, preparing our goods in handmade, small batches to insure optimal freshness and unsurpassed quality.  All of our delightful products are entirely cruelty-free, and are absolutely never tested on animals.  We take pride and care in our, and your, health and well-being by never using petroleum products or by-products, artificial colours, scents, or synthetic preservatives in anything we make, and the only animal product you will find us using is pure, filtered, unrefined beeswax.  Our products are attractively packaged using recycled or recyclable materials and our labels are printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks. 

Custom and pre-arranged gift baskets are available and make splendid gifts for baby showers or new mothers.

All of A.B. Firethorne & Company's body care products are:

       ~100% Natural....

       ~Free of synthetic ingredients and any animal by-products

       ~Free of petroleum derivatives (ie mineral oil or waxes)

       ~Free of Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates

       ~Free of Methyl or Propyl-Parabens

       ~Made with only plant-derived ingredients which are all biodegradable

       ~Never tested on animals - we oppose all animal testing and ingredients!


       ~And many are Vegan (we only use beeswax in some items)

While aspiring to support local growers and commerce as much as possible,

we have searched the world for the highest quality sources for each one of our natural ingredients because it is our belief that what goes into our products has everything to do with the results you can expect from using them. 

Your feedback and comments are always appreciated.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, enquiries, testimonials, or opinions of any kind.  Please visit our Testimonials & Happy Customers page!  Thank you for perusing our online store, and Welcome!    

Wishing you all the Brightest Blessings,

~Aristana B. Firethorne, Owner



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